Stand With Us To Bless the Waters (Remixes)

by Liquid Bloom & Numatik

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“Stand With Us to Bless the Waters” is our prayer of solidarity for the Lakota Sioux Nation, & all the Water Protectors who have converged in North Dakota Standing Rock Reservation at the Dakota Access Pipeline. This is the first time in centuries that all the indigenous nations of Turtle Island (America) have come together in unity & guardianship for our Earth. This unprecedented tribal convergence has been catalyzed by the pipeline, but is representative of something much larger & more profound than a protest.

In support for the situation in North Dakota, Amani Friend (Liquid Bloom) and Summit Jaffe (Numatik) were both separately inspired to create music for water and prayer. Coincidentally, the two tracks were both finished at the same time on fall equinox and they written in the same key, making it ideal to interweave them into a one unified piece of music. While sitting in the New Mexico Hot Springs after Unify festival, Amani and Summit had the inspiration to curate this remix album. Producers from all over the world, like Earth Cry, Mystral, Soulacybin, Martin’s Garden, Ecometric, Gumi, and Twin Shape added their unique psychedelic downtempo flavors. Native elders like Black Fox Pomani, John Ball Running Eagle, and Yona FrenchHawk imbued the music with intentional water prayers. United together, we humbly offer this medicinal musical journey in support and healing. Water is Life!

All profits will go to Standing Rock.

Mastering generously donated by Gregor GZ Mastering
‘Stand with Us’ produced, recorded, & mixed by Summit Jaffe (Numatik)
‘Bless the Waters’ produced, recorded, & mixed by Amani Friend (Liquid Bloom)
Native Prayers: Yona FrenchHawk (‘Stand with Us’) & John Ball Running Eagle (‘Bless the Waters’)
Native Chanting: D Black Fox Pomani
Acoustic Guitar: David Brown of Rising Appalachia
Flute: Sebastien Marconato
Didjeridoo: Summit Jaffe
Album Art: Amani Friend

“Bless the Waters” flows as an intentional journey that can be used daily to energize and re-structure water you consume, and to send out your daily gratitude to the liquid lifeblood that creates and sustains life on this planet.

O Mitakuye Oyasin

I send out a voice to the direction West, home of the Thunder Beings, the Waquin, the Lightning Beings, the Heyoka and the Black Stone. I offer this water for their blessing of power. In gratitude we align the water within us with the power of the West. May we always choose to walk the right Red Road, from the West to the East.

I turn to the North with my offering of water to ask their blessing. A blessing from the Tatanka Oyate, the Buffalo Nation, and the Red Stone. The Red Stone given to us by the White Buffalo Calf Woman, so that we many always speak in truth. I ask a blessing of truth and sincerity upon these waters, that they may always run pure.

Looking to the direction East, the home of the Morning Star, the Rising Sun, and the Yellow Stone. I lift my glass of water to the truth vibrations that daily gift us with life, and ask for their blessings of love to enter my glass and my body. Fill me with the refractions of love in all the molecules of water in my body

Turning to the direction we are always facing, the Wanagi, the Spirit World. We offer our water to our common destination of the Spirit World and ask their blessing. This blessing flows from the Spirit World into our glass of water, into our bodies, and entrains the frequency of the water already in our body to the vibration of love. Our waters leave us and mix with the waters in the world to bring love all throughout the world. This is the blessing we ask from the Wanagi, the Spirit World.

Looking upwards to my Grandfather, Tunkashila, and Wambli Gleska, the Spotted Eagle who flies closest to your face, and the Blue Stone, I ask your blessings upon my waters. Grandfather, whose voice from the Great Mystery is silence, bless this water. Transform it into the original purity of love it has been so we may walk in beauty.

Leaning close to my Grandmother, Unchi Maka, whose body is so beautiful. From whom all things come, upon who’s face we tread, and the Green Stone I ask for your sweet blessing. Find our care of your water pleasing to you. Help us regenerate the life you have given us, so that it may be in harmony as above, so below.

Let the waters within me spill out into the world as a blessing of love to all.

— John Ball Running Eagle


released January 9, 2017

(C) & (P) Global Dragon (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


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