1. Soaring
    Ido & Treavor Moontribe

  2. Standing On Ceremony
    Moon Frog

  3. Another Day
    Wolf Tech

  4. Stand With Us To Bless the Waters (Remixes)
    Liquid Bloom & Numatik

  5. Flowing
    Mose Robert

  6. Vajra Mind: Meditative Soundscapes
    Various Artists

  7. Symbiotic
    Deya Dova

  8. Symbiotic Remixes
    Deya Dova

  9. Tales from the Karman Line 1: Hemispheres
    Living Light

  10. Tales From The Karman Line 2: Atmospheres
    Living Light

  11. The Great Mystery Remixes Part2
    Desert Dwellers

  12. The Great Mystery Remixes Part 1
    Desert Dwellers

  13. Ecliptic Re-Visions
    Living Light

  14. Ecliptic Visions
    Living Light

  15. The Great Mystery
    Desert Dwellers

  16. Dive Into Forever
    Desert Dwellers

  17. Leya

  18. Fly Away

  19. The Principle Of Rhythm

  20. Drumspyder Remixes
    Shamans Dream

  21. Remixed Part 2
    Desert Dwellers

  22. Drumspyder Remixes
    Desert Dwellers

  23. Embrace The One
    Temple Step Project

  24. I Alone (Remixes)
    Temple Step Project & Krystyn Pixton

  25. Heart and Mind
    Luke Mandala

  26. Dancers of the Dawn of Now
    Luke Mandala

  27. The Ritual Vol 1
    Smoke Sign

  28. The Ritual Vol 2
    Smoke Sign

  29. BioSynchronous
    Twin Shape

  30. Aurora
    Martins Garden

  31. 1000 Eyes

  32. Fields of Variance Remixes
    Variant Feild

  33. Step Deep EP
    Variant Field

  34. MINDscapes EP
    Variant Field

  35. Caterpilla
    Uniphi & Seed

  36. Spinning Out of Nothingness
    Desert Dwellers

  37. Union White Bear Remix
    Desert Dwellers

  38. Critters EP
    Desert Dwellers

  39. The Gathering Remixes
    Desert Dwellers

  40. Spaces Between EP
    Desert Dwellers

  41. Journey to the Core
    Desert Dwellers

  42. Luminous Axiom
    Desert Dwellers

  43. Recalibrated Vol. 1
    Desert Dwellers

  44. Recalibrated Vol. 2
    Desert Dwellers

  45. Remixed Part 3
    Desert Dwellers

  46. My Tribe EP
    Desert Dwellers

  47. Remixed Part 1
    Desert Dwellers

  48. Stratosphere
    Desert Dwellers

  49. Luke Mandala Remixes
    Desert Dwellers

  50. Back to the Dreamtime
    Desert Dwellers

  51. The Sacrament
    Desert Dwellers

  52. Raga Saga
    Desert Dwellers

  53. The Classics
    Amani vs Teapot

  54. The Acid Trip / Do Di Doh Di

  55. Sex on Fire Remixes
    That Noise

  56. Detour EP

  57. Man Overboard / Calling Home
    Luke Mandala

  58. Ninja Warrior

  59. Mirage

  60. Karenina

  61. Volterete

  62. Earwear

  63. Lokomotif
    Stu Altik

  64. Africa Influence

  65. Debu Debu

  66. Be Up

  67. Verbatim

  68. Sleep Walk EP

  69. Burning Man / Mentally Insane
    Dani the Menace

  70. Roots of the World

  71. The Unmade Sound

  72. Conduktor

  73. Acid Monsters
    Desert Dwellers

  74. Silk House EP
    Desert Dwellers

  75. Calling on My Roots
    Desert Dwellers

  76. Walkabout
    Cerebral Dub


Desert Trax Boulder, Colorado

Desert Trax was founded by the Desert Dwellers (Amani Friend & Treavor Moontribe) in 2005 with the ethos of "Music Beyond Borders." The Desert Trax catalog spans over 70 releases with artists such as Desert Dwellers, Drumspyder, Deya Dova, Living Light, Kaminanda, Liquid Bloom, HÄANA, Shaman's Dream, Temple Step Project, Variant Field, Wolf Tech, Martins Garden, Luke Mandala, Mose Robert & others ... more

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